Cast Iron Hydronic radiators… ex Albury Base hospital and now old Castlemaine hospital (2023). And other types… read on!

Although this post is dated 2020… it has been updated and current for 2023!

We often have a lot of cast iron hydronic heating panels in stock. This lot have originated from the old Albury base hospital that was in Thurgoona street (also the site of the first Albury High school)… and as of mid 2023, a new batch from the recent deconstruction of the old Castlemaine hospital.

Every winter we are asked about the old panels, and haven’t come across them for a long time. They are all in fabulous condition relevant to their age (surface paint damage etc). Most of them are cast with the original feet, and some are panels only (feet can be purchased separately). I have taken an inventory of them, listed here with pricing AS IS.

Please discuss options for sandblasting and powder-coating, as we can provide individual quotes for this work.

(Some of these were originally photographed before they were palletised and moved into our warehouse. They are now stacked on pallets and padded, so we have measured to the best of our ability, but they will be within sizes close to what is listed).

Regarding feet and wall brackets… these can be purchased new through heating specialists like Hunt Heating. Ludlow brackets (feet) approximately $25.00 per foot.

We now have plenty of other panels available, unable to measure them all, but please see images below for examples of what we have (including some really lovely angular retro panels, see the sandblasted one as an example), approx 50mm deep, various lengths and heights).


First up, the old hospital panels: 

150 deep panels with feet various heights:

850W x 750H: 1 available: $875.00


150 deep panels, no feet, various heights:

940W x 530H: 1 available: $840.00

1040W x 530H: 1 available: $910.00

1120W x 530H: 1 available: $980.00

1115W x 680H: 1 available: $980.00


80mm deep panels, no feet, all 530 high:

880W x 530H: 1 available: $840.00


220mm deep panels, some feet included (Hunt Heating cast iron type

800W x 740H: 1 available: $980.00

1000W x 690H: 1 available: $1400.00

850W x 690H: 1 available: $1200.00

680W x 690H: 1 available: $850.00


140mm deep panels, some feet included, all 690 high (Hunt Heating cast iron type

650W x 690H: 1 available: $550.00

850W x 690H: 3 available: $780.00