Our services


General practical assistance with the materials, how to do what you would like to do, with what you have found!

We have access to an extensive fabrication workshop onsite… We can cut timber to specific size, dress it and create an edge for joining.
Our team is comprised of many and varied folk with experience in most sectors of the design and build industry, at some time in their lives. If you just have an idea, but you are not sure how to logistically make it work, we will most likely be able to link you with someone that will be able to interpret your idea into a workable solution… it pays to ask.

We have the ability to fabricate steel items as well… weld pieces, cut steel of varying degrees of thickness, bolt timber to it… in fact, any service that is required of anything found in the yard… please discuss this with us, we can offer advise and provide a quote. Glenn is a qualified fitter and turner and can fabricate or modify just about anything!

And if we can’t do it, we guarantee that we can link you with someone that can!


To support a local community to deal with the issue of surplus ‘stuff’, or items that are too good for the tip… being able to set up a place where our community can trade their ‘stuff’ on a commission basis, is something we would like to nurture in the future.

Until we are setup to be able to manage commission, we are happy to have a look at what you have, and if it is suitable, can then make you an offer to buy. However, we do have some conditions… please read on!

  • We will need to assess items for their ‘upcycling’ worth (ie, we are not the tip, and we do pride ourselves as having a broad range of items for sale, but on saying that, these need to be in good/excellent condition… and be saleable).
  • We will only be able to offer half to a third of the price of what we think we could make on your item… everything will be saleable, but sometimes it is just a matter of time and handling. We need to take all of that into consideration… and if you think you could get a better price selling it on gumtree/ebay/marketplace, then it’s possibly the best option for you. But we do endeavour to be reasonable, and we will pay you cash on the spot!

We are often out and about in town, and if we are able, can drop by and view your items. However if you have a small window or a sample of something that can fit in your car, we do ask you to bring it to us please! Please go to our ‘Sell your Stuff’ page for us to begin that process.


Please refer to our TRUSS category for information on hand made feature trusses.