Little things that are asked regularly!

How do I search your website?

We have decided that it was far too difficult to try and profile every single item that we have in stock… and we certainly won’t be doing any stock taking in the near future. We will continue to add to our collection of available feature items (and remove them if they are no longer available). These will generally be in the range of ‘most popular’ items in the world of salvage: doors, windows, popular timber sizes, gates, masonry etc. We will never be able to list every item across our property, so some categories will show an ‘overview’ of the types of things that are available, mouldings, hardware, various uncommon timbers, plumbing etc.

To make it manageable for us to be able to photograph the loads individually before they are stored to show you what we have in stock, we will continue to build our ‘Products’ range online gradually.  To view the sorts of items that we have stocked from time to time, you can refer to our ‘Blog’ link in the footer bar, or follow our Instagram page, as this has a regular flow of stock that does and has come into the yard over the years.

If you are searching for a specific type of item, you can type your search in the search bar, and it will display all of the posts that involve this type of material.

If you have plenty of time to back read our posts that follow our progress from a mud patch to the finished product… then our Footer menu links or our facebook page is the place to start!

Or… you can merely browse each category. We are working on a way to product code our items, but until then… a short description will suffice when you contact us!

Initially, not everything will be listed online, but gradually we will be able to profile pretty much everything that we have in stock, and edit it as it disappears, and this way… the task does not seem too daunting for us. We encourage your feedback on this approach!

Why is it more expensive than Bunnings?

Firstly, you couldn’t get it at Bunnings, and secondly you’d be surprised how often we hear this statement! You could get brand new rainforest timber cut directly out of the very last tracts of Borneo forest… possibly from a very vague, slightly unreliable source… in the common timber sizes, but you won’t find our material available at Bunnings. You won’t find character recycled bricks there either, or any other materials that were built in a time that materials were made to last!

Common misconceptions are that if it’s second hand, it’s cheap… often wrong.

Recycled materials come at a high labour cost… we source it, we cart it, we (mostly) de-nail it, we grade, stack and season it, and when you are looking for ‘just that sort of look’ we will most likely be able to supply it… at the appropriate price for just that thing!

Please apologise if we give you a slightly glazed look if we hear this again!


Do you Deliver?

Yes – we charge $80 per hour for our small delivery truck. This will include any material handling, and our quote will be based on the distance of travel plus the type of handling time that we expect to incur and the return journey.

A Castlemaine based delivery with a straight forward (easy access) unloading of a pack of flooring for one person would be charged at roughly half an hour (dependant on whether it requires the ute or the crane truck).

If the material requires more than one person to unload, and nobody can be at the address to help us, then we would have to charge extra to cover sending another body to assist. If we discover that access is too difficult/time consuming for what we have quoted, then you will be charged accordingly to cover the time it takes us to safely deliver your materials.

Do you deliver bricks?

Yes we can… however we do not own a specialist brick truck which carries a forklift along with a load of bricks, and this reason alone is why each load can have a different cost for brick cartage… read on:

The cost of having bricks delivered, is largely affected by the weight of the load (each pallet of 500 bricks is equivalent to 2 tonne). For local loads of 1 or 2 pallets, we recommend that a manual offload of bricks (done by you) is financially more feasible that outsourcing the cartage to a brick truck, or our crane truck, and if you have one able bodied person at your end to help you get through one pallet an hour… and it’s a great workout!

The reality is, carting and handling bricks is cheaper if done by yourself! Please remember though that each pallet is approximately 2 tonne. We have a responsibility to make sure you leave here with a safe load… we will not overload your vehicle just to try and save you a few bucks and an extra hour.  A pallet of bricks can only be carted with a one tonne capacity vehicle on a suitable tandem trailer. Please be sensible with your loads!

These days we are able to deliver on our crane truck, dependant on where you are, we will quote each delivery individually.  If you are requiring  more than 4 pallets, we can look at having these delivered direct from our supplier.

Do you have any offcuts?

We have a yard full of offcuts and leftovers… this is a salvage yard and that’s what we sell!

But yes, we do often have picking piles of timber and other assorted materials that are often too small, or not enough of… that can sometimes be rummaged through and may just herald what you are seeking! Our picking pile is priced according to what you pick… we have firewood, and we have gnarly offcuts of bridge timbers with bolts sticking out at all angles… we call this ‘landscape grade’, and can create a beautiful, sculptural low wall. So depending on whether you are after firewood or sculptural timbers… we will price that accordingly.

Do you have a supply of scrap iron/steel?

Absolutely. Our steel racks are organised into sections from downpipes, ridge capping, surplus reo bar and many other assorted bits n pieces all the way to copper hot water tank  bases, old steel tool boxes, cast iron foundry pots and plenty of other goodies always coming and going.

Do you have smaller building hardware?

We can supply everything imaginable from bolts, nuts, washers, slotted screws to door furniture, if we find we will sell it.

Can you buy my left over building products?

We are ALWAYS interested in looking at what our community might have to sell us, because after all, we really love trying to keep these materials IN cycle… but for smaller amounts we asked that you bring your leftovers to us, and please try and understand that we can only take things that other people will find useful! We will then offer you what we believe is a fair price to both parties. Please use our ‘Sell your Stuff’ page to upload your photos so we can give you a valuation.

What is A, B and C grade?

Common items, such as flooring and iron are often graded from best quality downwards. They are priced to reflect these grades… A being the best!

Can you cut to size?

Yes we can, however, we price for the whole piece, and always provide a bit extra for wastage. If you require 2.4 Lineal metres cut from a 3m beam, you will be required to pay for the 3m piece. Which you are welcome to take home as well! Mostly, somebody will be able to make a simple cut immediately. As a general rule of thumb for larger items, we charge approximately $5 per cut, any large orders that require cutting to specific sizes we will quote independently.

Can we 'do a deal' for a bulk order?

Absolutely we can! The prices for our materials are indicative of per item, or per lineal meter. If you request a ‘house lot’ worth of… flooring, glass etc, we will be happy to discuss a ‘house lot’ price for the order.

Can you machine my timber?

We have access to a very well fitted out machinery workshop. We can machine and dress timber sometimes on the spot, or organise a time to have it ready for you. We charge $3 per minute rate for machining… or will price your job independantly depending on the size, whether we are machining our timber or materials provided by you.

Why the squid?

Read about it here.

How is the yard organised?

We work really hard to not overwhelm the general public with too many piles of ‘stuff’. We know our space is large, but organisation is really paramount to how we function as a business and we think it also functions as an ‘accessibility tool’ for our visitors. After many years of visiting salvage yards ourselves, we know the overwhelming feeling of fatigue that can be felt when there are piles of cool stuff, but we need a whole day risking life and limb to find what we came there for. Although, that feeling of the ‘treasure hunt’ is important (and we hope we have maintained an element of that), we need our yard to remain as organised as possible to maintain our own mental health!!

Although systems are always evolving, we have laid the yard out into really definitive areas/bays, most are fairly self explanatory, some a require a closer look.

The outside area is broken into bays with a letter defining each one (mostly for our own reference whilst unloading) and our pdf map can be downloaded from the menu bar before you visit, or you can pick one up from the office when you arrive (not quite in it’s final resting spots, so watch this space!).

Most of the gear here is fairly standard sized timbers that are often required for a building project, ie.. post and beam material, landscaping timbers, flooring in various sizes, iron, windows and doors and restoration mouldings. We endeavour to keep that material in stock all the time… and so although it is coming and going, a lot of the bays inside and out will not change much except in quantities from time to time.

The things that are irregular, are harder to categorise… and they are the things that keep our job interesting… and sometimes challenging to store! These are the areas that will be constantly evolving… on the ground and on our website, via our instagram feed… and this will be the reason that you will need to pop in fairly regularly just to see if we’ve forgotten to put it online!!