CODE RED DAYS WE WILL BE CLOSED!!! (trust me, you do NOT want to be here on those days!) and predicted 40 degrees, closing at 12pm!

Our standard trading hours are Fridays: 8 – 5 and Saturdays: 9 – 2pm.

As per last summer… when the weather is predicted to hit 40 deg, we will be closing at 12pm. Please check the local BOM website for that information and plan ahead.

Please click here to view our contact page, with everything else you’ll need to know about visiting us!

A few changes afoot!

This year we are lucky to have ‘team Glennie’ back together. Comprised of Lennie McNamara (who was our first ever apprentice back in the …read on »

Squash courts… tick!

We work WITH demolishers (often)… but there is one guy that we really, specially respect… nothing short of love really… Troy Diver of Victorian …read on »

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