Ex industrial glass.. Clearance prices!

Keen to make space for other goodies, all of our commercial tinted double glazed glass is now starting at $120 p/m2! (some conditions due to handling oversized pieces etc).

A large section of our yard is dedicated to the supply of ex industrial standard glass, and we would like to clear it out this year to make space for new loads. We will do a very good deal on house lots, and rule of thumb would be to work on $135 p/m2 for the double glazed… less for toughened.

All of our panels are ‘as new’ contingency glass that has been surplus for commercial/domestic city jobs. It comes in varied sizes and often interesting applications… coloured toughened ‘wing’ panels from the Royal Childrens’ hospital upgrade, circular opaque windows (and galvanised rings) from RMIT’s Design Hub,  curved panels inlaid with cedar slats from the Peter Doherty Institute … and geometric domed ‘wall panels’ from The Lantern on Collins street.

We also have large panels of gold glass, toughened and double glazed left over from… you guessed it… the iconic top ten floors of the Eureka tower… 24 carat plated! Spotty and clear, spotty coloured, various shapes… Toughened or double glazed, clear or tinted. Please bring your tape measure and plans when visiting… and please understand that it would be very difficult and time consuming for us to find just that size and colour that you could be searching for… even if you didn’t know it yet!