House lot of Skyrange steel windows.

Stripped from a beautiful property in Toorak. In rare perfect condition. Please check list below for availability, as these are selling individually.

After recently stripping out this Clendon road house and very carefully removing all of the 29 window/door units… these are now for sale as individuals or as a lot. There are two eras of steel framed windows, all glazed with safety glass, but profile is set up for double glazing as well.

The original windows from this interwar period home are all in excellent condition, and the retro fitted additions have been constructed by Skyrange (original Melbourne steel window manufacturer) to match the existing. We make these out to be approx 10 years old and in perfect condition. All with seamless brass hardware (no longer available).

The floor to ceiling window/door sets are a combination of bay and fixed (I have tried to show all combinations in the sketches provided)  but as each window is a separate constructed unit the bays can also become flat wall fitted windows.

This house lot of windows is in perfect condition. Those in RED are now SOLD

IMAGE 1009 (small opaque ripple casement 610W x 570H): $320 + GST

IMAGE 1010 (2 OF)/IMAGE 1012 (3 OF)(large french style casements 1115W x 1540H): $2000 + GST.

IMAGE 1023 (large french style casement 1115W x 1540H): $2000 + GST. (2 available)

IMAGE 1026 (fixed 16 panel 1115W x 1540H): $1200 + GST

IMAGE 1011 (small opaque ripple single casement 520W x 790H): $420 + GST

IMAGE 1013 (french style double casements 1115W x 1190H): $1500 + GST (2 OF)

IMAGE 1014 (double casement 1090W x 1500H): $1600 + GST

IMAGE 1015 (large 4 french door wall with steel plate kicker 3000W x 2310H): $13,000 + GST (2 of)

IMAGE 1017 (large 4 french door wall with steel plate kicker, side doors one step shorter than middle doors 3000W x (2160/2500)): $12,500 + GST

IMAGE 1018 (door/fixed/door 3000W x 2120H): $10,500 + GST (3 OF)

IMAGE 0816 (french/fixed/french 2800W x 2120H): $10,500 + GST (2 OF) These can be bay or flat panels.

IMAGE 1019/IMAGE 1021/IMAGE 1022  (3 available: 1 opaque/2 clear) small casements 570 W x 840H): $380 + GST.

IMAGE 1020 (single casement 570W x 1540H): $850 (ripple opaque)

IMAGE 1024 (french doors 1300W x 2380H): $7500 + GST

IMAGE 1025 (fixed 6 panel 820W x 840H): $150

IMAGE 1027: (casement/fixed/casement 1600W x 1540H):$3,500 + GST each.

IMAGE 1028: (fixed 30 panel 1370W x 2300H): $4200 + GST

IMAGE 1029 (french/fixed/french) 2700W x 2230H): $10,500 + GST each.

NO IMAGE: 1150W X 1540H (double casements) 1 available: $1200.