Our squid!

We get asked on a regular basis… ‘why the squid’, I feel that a dedicated post is in order!

This is a wee image that we have always carried with us throughout the Pumphouse years… and one that we have always loved… not sure why! Perhaps there is an element of ‘the famous five’ about it… smugglers’ cove… rocky Welsh shores… something so ultimately far away from our bony landscape, and just a little bit… odd. The sailor boys casually onshore, perhaps biding their time before rowing back out to their ship… and despite the presence of such a huge cephalopod so obviously out of it’s place… their interest is so mild. We, who often deal largely in marine salvage timbers… and quite honestly, wished that we lived coast side… always returned to the sailors and the squid! That famous image of the giant squid taking down a tall ship… and of course a little bit of 20,000 leagues under the sea… and… well… that’s how we ended up here!

Please forgive us!