We have bricks!

We ensure that there is always a supply of bricks in the yard… a selection of cleaned pressed reds, creams, hand mades, wire cuts and various types of pavers, blue stone pitchers, granite and cement blocks and other assorted masonry that come along can be found.

Our most commonly supplied bricks are old pressed reds, pricing as follows:

B grade ‘walling’ bricks: These are perfect for building walls, they are a little rough around the edges where the machines have knocked them out of the building… sometimes they will have double ‘frogs’ which may interfere with paving surfaces. We, however use them for paving and are never disappointed.  500 per pallet.

A grade ‘paving’ quality: These are recommended for paving, square edged and just one frog. These are a premium pressed red brick.  500 per pallet.

Clinkers: Blue/red with a textured wall face.

These prices are per bricks from our yard in Castlemaine. For house lots of bricks (or larger quantities), please contact us for a quote ex- our yard in Melbourne.

The price of bricks fluctuate wildly based on supply and demand. Also dependant on the batch… they are all different!

We are not technically a ‘brick yard’, we are an intermediary… we purchase bricks from a supplier (often a demolisher) who carts, cleans, stacks and onsells to retailers (us)… so we are also at the mercy of the market. Please contact us for pricing at the time.

Some examples of our local projects… and indicative of the pressed reds that come and go through our yard!

Please refer to our FAQ page for queries relating to carting bricks!