Custom made trusses.

A combination of restored, existing and custom made trusses. We are currently in the process of setting up our machine shop, which will enable us to dress and process timber more efficiently… we will also be able to construct hand made trusses and effectively restore those that arrive here from demolition projects. These are some examples of trusses that we have built over the years in our former incarnation as Pumphouse Design and building works.

[Order of photos:

Our old home in Fryerstown, Tarrengower project, Vaughan Springs (photos courtesy of Green Magazine), custom trusses for client @ the salvage yard, Faraday barn and final images of Yandoit Church by Spa Country Builders, custom trusses built by the salvage yard].


The process:

  • From your design concept.
  • Establish the structural truss requirement (what you want your trusses to do? ie, structural/load bearing or purely visual).
  • Provide costing.
  • Engineered paperwork to accompany.

Please contact us to discuss your truss requirements!