Baltic floor sections, beams and bearers.

Full pallets now all sold. Individual boards still available.

It’s great when good things come your way when you least expect it! And these big burly baltic sections are one of those things! A good fellow watched the business he worked for (importing large machinery from Europe) bust up the baltic pallets the machines arrived in for waste… but he could no longer store all the timber he was racking up! Enter the salvage yard. So, we have been buying this gear… and building everything we possibly can with it… IT’S ACE!

So… we have large ‘floor sections’ that measure 6m x  2.2 – 2.3m @ $330 p/section.

Boards:  145mm (average) x 40mm @ $1 per inch (width) per/Lm (2.2 average long)… varied widths.

Bearers: 135 x 100 @ $12 p/m (6m long).