GLASS (and acrylic) BRICKS GALORE!!

We have FINALLY unpacked our excessive collection of glass blocks (and acrylic ones as well btw!!)… it was really a lucky dip, but after much headscratching, cursing, culling, labelling and moving… we have finally worked out WHAT was in there!!

Most of the bricks are 190 x 190 x 80mm thick (standard block size), we do however have a lot of ‘subway’ style glass blocks which measure 240 x 115 wide x 80 thick.

All clear blocks are $5 each (clear with no ‘cloud’ and secondhand ‘cloud’ pattern), this includes patterned blocks and subway style.

All coloured blocks are now $7 each. All have a ‘wave’ in the glass, to obscure clear vision (standard glass block) unless specified. Quantities as listed here: Updated as they sell.

Dark rose (pink): 20 blocks.

Clear subway tile: 59 boxes (590 blocks)

Clear (rosa) pink: 7 boxes (70 blocks)

Bottle green: 7 boxes (70 blocks)

Clear wave: 200 blocks (clean secondhand)

Blue clear: 415 blocks.

Sea green: 105 blocks

Patterned blocks: All ‘clear’ glass colour… approximately 10 of each, some run into the 30 of each. Patterns pictured above.

Clear glass (straight clear, no diffusion): approximately 260 blocks.

Clear tinted (nordica): 270 blocks.

Opaque (satin) rose: 105 blocks.

Small clear wave: (115 x 115 x 80) 256 blocks ($4 each)

Blue frosted wave: 656 blocks

Acrylic blocks: 820 blocks!! THESE ARE $3.50 EACH