GLASS (and acrylic) BRICKS GALORE!!

We have FINALLY unpacked our excessive collection of glass blocks (and acrylic ones as well btw!!)… it was really a lucky dip, but after much headscratching, cursing, culling, labelling and moving… we have finally worked out WHAT was in there!!

Update: These have been steadily selling… please look at the photos of what blocks remain, and ask us regarding quantities.

Most of the bricks are 190 x 190 x 80mm thick (standard block size), we do however have a lot of ‘subway’ style glass blocks which measure 240 x 115 wide x 80 thick.

Clear glass $5 each regardless patterned, or clear or whether they are new or secondhand (clear and blue wave, a mixture of second hand and new).
All coloured blocks are $7 per block.

Please refer to pictures for reference: Quantities vary as they are selling, just ask and we can let you know what is left!
Satin (Opaque) ‘rosa’ (pink)
‘Nordica’ (grey tint)
Clear (no wave)
Patterned blocks… we have approximately 40 boxes, some 40 blocks of each type, please ask for pictures of patterns. Too many to upload here.
Dark Blue cloud pattern
Light Blue cloud pattern
Bottle (pea) green
Rectangular ‘subway’ style half bricks
Bronze ‘rosa’ (smoky pink)
Clear cloud pattern
Blue frosted wave
Dark blue bubbles

Small clear wave: (115 x 115 x 80)  ($4 each)

Acrylic blocks: 820 blocks!! THESE ARE $3.50 EACH