Mediterranean inspiration!

We often are asked if we ‘buy roof tiles’ (for the record, the answer is no!)… people can’t believe that their roof tiles aren’t worth something… they are heavy, there are so many of them, it seems such a waste… are the comments we hear, and we agree! We don’t take them for a swag of reasons, they are masonry, therefore heavy to handle and transport… there are copious profiles and colours, and they aren’t a big saleable item, so therefore, from a retail, handling and storage perspective, they aren’t a hot ticket item. I do believe that roofers will send them to be crushed for road base… so all is not lost! But this week, we discovered a clever local who did take his mate’s roof tiles and turn them into something beautiful! We saw plenty of this sort of ingenuity in communities around the Mediterranean… with no shortage of roof tiles, these sorts of walls were commonplace in small Croatian villages that we visited. On that note, when summer hits, sans the presence of the sea, I feel that our climate and schlerophyll is not so dissimilar to that part of the Mediterranean world… so I think this wall was particularly beautiful, and not out of place in Central Victoria! Congratulations to this clever fellow… and thankyou for allowing us to share your inspirational handy work!