Silo Studio Opportunity!



We have a LARGE silo for sale. In rare A grade condition for an old guage heavy duty silo (a common weak point is rusting out at the base, this has very minimal superficial wear at the base… see pics). Being a farmer’s daughter, I have very fond memories of formative years atop our grain silo’s sucking on durries under a big moon with my cousin… or daring each other to dive into the grain… YEP, NOT A GREAT IDEA… HOW DID WE SURVIVE THAT?? Nonetheless, they are such an icon of rural (cropping) Australia, that I couldn’t stop hassling Mat to build a bathroom in a silo, and tack it onto our first house building project in Fryerstown some years ago (have included a couple of pics of THAT project!).

Please contact us for pricing… it will be at the Salvage Yard soon, palletised and ready for delivery.

Dimensions: 5.4m diameter x 6m high (134m3) and for comparison, this is a heavy duty 110 tonne silo. Unbolts in panels that ‘clip’ together with cleats (see pic). No steel base, will need to be constructed on a concrete pad.

Have added some of my favorite silo/kiln converstion projects for inspiration. Happy designing!!