Musical fence!

NOW SOLD: A really unique bundle of fencing runs, solid steel square bar with ‘musical’ details. Treble clefs, minims and double crotchets! Four panels available, would like to sell as a set, but will part.

2 sections: 2600 long x 730 high (one of these has the small return on the end)
1 section: 2200 long x 730 high
Long section: 3400 long x 630 high (2 ‘musical’ details on this panel).
The long section has some mild damage (I think from forklift forks?), and one of the bars has come away at one end. We can fix this in our workshop, or purchase as is.
Pricing is per panel $200 for shorts and $250 for long, or bulk lot $800.

Sometimes we find something that is just so indicative of an era that makes us smile… that it is too good not to share. We have 4 panels of very space age, wrought iron, ‘retro’ balustrading with a musical theme. $250 a panel, or $800 for the set.