Pendant lamps and pots made by us!

We constantly wondered what possible use we could come up with to deal with our ever growing collection of fire extinguishers.

As owners of rather a large industrial shed, with many different workshop spaces, metal fabrication included… we are very conscious of fire safety, hence our rather ‘detailed’ fire system comprising of many elements… but extinguishers are part of that!

Through our research, we discovered (sigh) that the fire extinguisher ‘industry’ is not exempt from the same ‘product waste’ that affects most industries world wide these days. All components come out of (you guessed it), China… and when it has passed it’s used by date… nope, it is not re-bored and refilled… it is ‘recycled’ (which I fear these days is a feel good phrase that is used as a band aid for the real problem… a short life span)… and new ones are shipped in!

This is our small answer to that big issue.

Prices range from small fire hydrant pendants at $55 to the largest gas bottle pendants at $190… call us for sizes or pop in and have a look at them in situ in the office!