Squash courts… tick!

We work WITH demolishers (often)… but there is one guy that we really, specially respect… nothing short of love really… Troy Diver of Victorian Demolitions. When I can actually get time to sit and have a yack with Troy about his life, then I will be sure to share it with you all… but for this particular post.. I will just make special mention of this great man… along side another one of his projects… the Caulfield Squash courts.

When a building is pegged for demolition… there is really no point carrying everything out the front doors… just knock a hole in the wall closest to the loading zone and get busy! (triple brick I was told made for a bit of knocking!).

This beautiful timber flooring has that squeaky hard wax finish, synonymous with a squeaky game of squash, complete with intersecting red  court lines. It is 65mm hard wood and is now back in our warehouse!!