Steel Miscellany!

We all become so used to beautifully rendered online images… and I’m no different to any other web user, when I look at my surrounds and, despite my creativity… sometimes it is just so hard to make a pile of recycled offcuts look… groovy! So, sometimes you just have to say it like it is.

In the back section of our yard is where you will find all of our steel miscellany… the steel racks hold plenty of roofing leftovers… top hat battening, strips of 3mm flat bar and aluminium strapping, copper pipe and lengths of steel rod on one side… the other is our dedicated ‘flashings’ rack.  We have buckets of bolts, nuts, washers, steel trusses and cast iron legs, steps, mesh and copper. We also have a selection of old electrical meter boxes.

So… although not glamorous… it is here, and it is the place where you will be still able to ‘treasure hunt’! OH… and the dried gum leaves come for free with every purchase!!