The Glass Basket wall!

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting a Barkers Creek owner builder called Steve… and hearing his fabulous ideas on how to retain a whole lot of earth below his new build.

A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to purchase semi trailer loads of ex glass factory HEAVY DUTY galvanised steel baskets from a closing down factory… common story… and quite frankly, these baskets have kept our family clothed and fed during our set up period! In fact, we quite enjoy visiting businesses in Castlemaine and surrounds, and discover that they have indeed infiltrated our community in many varied applications! We have seen them used as plinths, and seats, and piers for pergolas… shelving and bed frames… but only one person has dared to use them as we imagined they would be fabulous for (read… seriously heavy duty and therefore super long lasting! They are also self stacking, so tying them together in a sturdy manner is a fairly straightforward business).

So, we were suitably impressed when Steve Geddes rambled through the gates… alighted on the baskets and ordered tens and tens of them!! I recently had the pleasure of witnessing the progress, and was really keen to share the pics, because it looks striking…. and a power of work!!

By the way… we also love the recycled pressed reds for the brick piers!