Our timber racks.

We have extensive covered timber racks here, spanning over 2 levels. With a range of recycled timbers.

An example of what is available: weatherboards, fascia, lining boards, architraving, skirting, beading, furniture timbers, antique profiles, handrailing, flooring, beaming timbers, LVL’s, posts, old framing sizes and much more.

Species include: tas oak, mountain ash, kauri, baltic, oregon, jarrah, cypress, spotted gum, messmate, blackbutt, ironbark, tallow wood, celery top, karri, bloodwood, red pine, cedar, mixed hardwoods… and anything else you could identify!

This is all covered timbers… out in the yard is where you will find the really big gear, and a large selection of landscaping timber… best to look in landscaping for more of that information!

This is also where we keep our A grade iron in long lengths!