Useful brick stacking.

This is so good and such a simple idea to make a laborious job so much easier!
On Monday I did a manual offload of 2 pallets of (1000) bricks with the help of the customer. It took us an hour per pallet… and we set a cracking pace. Before I left, Mat gave me a simple tip he had picked up as a laborer working for the Firczaks in Eltham (think old school brickies.. hard act to follow).

Stack bricks on their edge in a pyramid. This eases the pain of on handling on a couple of fronts. Firstly… the pyramid means that you have bricks stacked at a height that you are not reaching to ground level each time… bricks on their edge are easier to grip in one foul swoop… and the 3 bookended approach means that each row is stable.

Every second row… come a half brick in to key over the row below (brick stacked pattern) to give the pyramid strength. Another tip for stacking onto uneven ground. 2 bricks as chocks and a board across them will give it all an even base!

So… at the risk of providing seemingly superfluous information… said customer and I thought this was an excellent tip worth sharing!!