A few changes afoot!

This year we are lucky to have ‘team Glennie’ back together. Comprised of Lennie McNamara (who was our first ever apprentice back in the …read on »

Squash courts… tick!

We work WITH demolishers (often)… but there is one guy that we really, specially respect… nothing short of love really… Troy Diver of Victorian …read on »

Poly tanks new to yard!

Fresh out of a well intentioned renovation project in Toorak, now earmarked for demolition… are these 2300 Litre Slendatanks (food grade poly) 3 available …read on »

Bowling Alley bench tops.

Ex bowling alley slabs. All stored under cover. Plenty available. Mixed pieces to choose from, predominantly canadian rock maple, an exceptionally hard timber (at …read on »

Our timber racks.

We have extensive covered timber racks here, spanning over 2 levels. With a range of recycled timbers. An example of what is available: weatherboards, …read on »

Custom made trusses.

A combination of restored, existing and custom made trusses. We are currently in the process of setting up our machine shop, which will enable …read on »

Recycled corrugated iron


A large, ever evolving collection of corrugated iron, galvanised, zincalume, colourbond and cliplock of various profiles. We grade our iron, and price accordingly. Sculptural …read on »


Just a reminder that we have a couple of seriously clever steel fabricators down here in the guise of Glenn and Jim… and can …read on »

Nomens land, Newstead.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the fabulously industrious couple Lucy Mora and Julian Cairns, who have recently opened a  beautiful cafe/event …read on »

Woodend patchwork!

Fabulous gate with all the gal offcuts…exposed framework always makes a nice touch! Cheers Anthony for sending these pics in!


The last couple of weeks have seen a few trucks roll in with ‘surprise packs’ on board. Mostly we know what we are getting… …read on »

Gates of all sorts!

We are amassing a large quantity of gates down here… it seems to correlate with the amount of properties around the Toorak area that …read on »

All things Fire!

It’s caught my eye, that actually we have quite a growing collection of mantels and hearths…. in fact they were rather awkward to photograph …read on »

Steel Miscellany!

We all become so used to beautifully rendered online images… and I’m no different to any other web user, when I look at my …read on »


We have a covered racking system which holds over 500 doors…. it is rather full! The racks have been custom built for ease of …read on »

Musical fence!

Sometimes we find something that is just so indicative of an era that makes us smile… that it is too good not to share. …read on »

Bay windows.

Representing different eras, hardwood timber framed with stained glass detail. Stored out of the weather and in fabulous condition. Please contact us directly for …read on »

Our squid!

We get asked on a regular basis… ‘why the squid’, I feel that a dedicated post is in order! This is a wee image …read on »

Gimme shelter

it’s been over three weeks since i’ve posted (which would have made it all of 3 posts in total to date for the salvage …read on »

unlikely hero.

An unlikely environmentalist: The world of building salvage has recently lost it’s grandfather and one seriously committed environmental activist! (WHAT??? I can hear most …read on »

Pizza and iron!

A very big THANKYOU to the wonderful Judith and Rob Bakes of ‘The Mud Brick Circus’ for their help and delicious pizzas that were …read on »

Waste not!!

Economic stimulus package… you know, it’s interesting the times that you play the devils’ advocate.. See the coin from the flip side. Many of …read on »

Breaking ground!

It’s been 3 years… but this is a bit of perspective of some of the energy, physical, environmental, emotional, financial that has gone into …read on »